Here you can view videos that have been made ​​to accompany and illustrate some of our tours. Lucky for us we know a little about how to play our instruments because as actors, we’d have a horrible future!


Putos Miércoles

Lalo López|
Arecio Smith|
Ster Wax|
The Guarry Men|
Julio Lobos|
Paquito Sex Machine|

Homo Happiens

[youtubegallery cols=4]
The Happiens’ Haka|
Un sac de Porlan|


Marula Sessions – The Fans|
Shall we make a Bikini? Donald Urquijo|
Shall we make a Bikini? Charlie Discoballs|
Shall we make a Bikini? Tutorial Discoballs|
Shall we make a Bikini? The Manager|

Golden Chusma

[youtubegallery cols=4]
This is SAUV|
The beginnings|
The Golden gatecrashes the Party|

SAUV the World

[youtubegallery cols=4]
SAUV the World Trailer|
SAUV the World Episode I|
SAUV the World live broadcast|
SAUV the World Episode II|


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